Greetings and welcome to CLOS, the world's #1 app for virtual photo shoots.

If you're creating photos or videos, our app enables you to produce high-quality content in the most efficient way. All you need is your phone! Simply invite your favorite photographer to a remote photo shoot or trust our AI camera to take Hi-Res pictures of you.

CLOS allows you to shoot high-quality images and videos. Your connection is protected by end-to-end encryption, and all photos and videos are stored either on the model's/subject's device or in your private CLOS Cloud folder. These measures ensure results of your work are confidential and private.

We hope you enjoy using CLOS.
— The uploading process seems to be stuck
If you as a model/subject feel like the uploading to the CLOS Cloud stuck make sure to exit the virtual room. Try to restart the app by swiping it up and opening it again. Also connecting to a stronger WI-FI should help to restart the uploading process. Please don't delete the app before all the images are uploaded to the CLOS Cloud. Otherwise all the images will be lost.
— Black screen after joining a room
If you see a black screen after joining the room and can or can not hear the other participant it could be because the other person minimised the app for some time. That is trivial. All you have to do is to ask the person to return to the room and try to rejoin it together.
— Model/subject runs out of space
If you as a photographer see a message on the screen when shooting with your CLOS Cloud on saying that the model runs out of space on their device it is better to stop shooting and exit the room. Ask the model/subject to manually free up some space on their device.

After that you can create a new room and continue the photoshoot.

— RAW format is not available or doesn't supported by model's/subject's device
Please note that RAW format is only available for the main camera on the iOS devices and not all Android devices support it. Usually the problem occurs because the model/subject is on the selfie camera.
— Purchased subscription but PRO features are unavailable
When this happens please try to restart the app by swiping it up and opening it again. Also, logging out of your account and logging back in helps.
— Poor quality video call with a delay
The video call quality depends on the connection. We are not able to fully control this. Make sure that both you and other participant are on a strong WI-FI or cellular connection. Good news here is that poor quality of a video call won't affect the quality of resulting images. We recommend speed testing the location prior to the shoot.
— Can model/subject close the app and upload the images later?
Yes, it can be done. Nothing will be erased as long as the app is not deleted. To upload the images later a model/subject just needs to open the app and keep the mobile device unlocked.
— Spinning wheel on the cover of the album
The spinning wheel on the cover of the album means that the other participant is still uploading the images to your CLOS Cloud. If you see the wheel for a long time, you might ask the other participant to open the app or restart it and leave it open and mobile device unlocked until all the images are uploaded.
— Can not join the room. The role is taken.
This could happen because of the connection delay. Just wait for 10 or so seconds the the roles will be available for you. If this doesn't help please ask the other participant to create a new room.
— Images were deleted. Is it possible to retrieve them?
The images are not stored on our servers after being deleted. We are not able to retrieve deleted images.
— Unable to follow the link. The link is not clickable.
If you have received the link as a text message and it is not clickable please make sure to add the sender's cell number to your contacts. After that you will be able to follow the link.