— Flash, Exposure, Focus?
— CLOS camera allows users to utilize full potential of modern smartphone camera by giving access to advanced camera controls and settings. By default photographer will be able to use flash, use manual focus and exposure and model/subject will be able to switch between front and rear cameras. CLOS Pro subscribers will also enjoy option to choose between different photo formats (JPG, RAW*) when using the main camera, and switch between standard and ultra-wide camera modes if model's/subject's device has more than one camera. *Please note that not all Android devices support RAW format.

*Please note that not all Android devices support RAW format.
How it works
If you want to use flash, change photo format, camera mode or swith between front and main cameras use controls at the bottom of the screen
To set focus on an object tap on the area you want to focus on. To change exposure tap on the screen and drag the slider up or down
If there are overlapping areas on the screen tap on the screen again for the frame to reset focus and exposure.