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Find talent for your next project
CLOS Discover
How you can use it
Discover talent worldwide for your next remote photoshoot! Our mission is to empower visual content creation regardless of your current location, timezone or other restrictions.

Launched on iOS! Check it out now!
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Share your work easily. Again
CLOS Shared Albums
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Use CLOS as your go-to app for taking photos and sharing them with your friends, team mates, or clients. Allows multiple devices to save files in one folder as well as comment and like photos you like best!

Connect to your favorite creators
CLOS Backstage
How you can use it
Shadow your favorite creators in realtime as they shoot photos and videos with CLOS. Gain insights on their workflow, ask questions, and connect on a more intimate level!

Make final touches that matter
CLOS Filters
How you can use it
Every photo needs that one extra touch up to make it shine in its full power. CLOS Filters are curated by our favorite creators and allow you to finish your work in one place before showcasing it to the world on your social media profile.
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