Chad Witbooi Workshop
How to find models for remote photography? And actually have a session.
By Chad Witbooi
Date August 27, 2022
Intro Part
Chad will tell you about his photography journey, and how people look at photography today. How he uses CLOS app differently from other photographers, and how remote shooting is different from in-person photography.
Second Part
Chad will hold a live photo session with Mieke in CLOS app. You will see how he conducts a remote photo shoot in real time.
Third Part
Chad will cover every aspect of how to find models for remotely shooting. What models to approach using the app? And how? What models need to know before the remote shooting?
Final Part
In the final part, Chad will explain what publications accept remote shooting and how he earns money with CLOS app. He will also share his opinion on remote shootings and their place in the photography.
How to find models for remote photography? And actually have a session.
Have you ever wondered where to look for models for your remote photography? How to explain to them how virtual photography works? Did you find it hard to assure that shooting remotely is not different or difficult from in-person photography, but, in fact, has a lot of benefits?

all the images were taken remotely on CLOS app by Chad Witbooi
Workshop Info
From importance of finding the right model to directing the shoot while being far away, join Chad Witbooi to learn how to strengthen your virtual photography game to earn with CLOS app!

Chad will discuss his process of finding and working with models #viaclos and encouraging models to try remote photography. Discover new ways to represent yourself in photography, and see how Chad conducts a shoot virtually in our workshop.
August 27th from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Join the workshop for $15
With Chad in Discord chat after the workshop is over
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