— How do models prepare for Virtual Shooting?
  1. Share photos of the location where you are planning to shoot with the photographer.

  2. Schedule the shooting in the daytime, the camera works better in daylight.

  3. Wipe the camera before shooting, use the fabric you wipe your sunglasses with. :)

  4. Check how much memory is available on your phone. We recommend having at least 10 GB of free space.

  5. Think in advance about how to install your phone. It's better to have a tripod but if you don't have one you can use duct tape or books.

  6. If the photographer was shooting with CLOS Cloud* on don't forget to check if the photos are uploaded to the Cloud. The model subject needs to wait until the uploading process is over. We recommend leaving the application open and not locking the device.

*CLOS Cloud is a part of PRO subscription plan.